APRIL 7, 2018

Our spring meeting will be April 7 in the McGuire Auditorium at Warner Pacific College in Portland, OR. We will open the doors at 8:30 AM, and the program will begin at 10 AM. The invited speaker will be Jack Graham under the generous sponsorship of FujiFilm. Jack is a landscape and nature photographer, workshop leader and author with more than 25 years experience. He is a Fuji X-Photographer and contributor to magazines such as Landscape Photography and Outdoor Photographer.  Treat yourself to Jack’s website at https://jackgrahamphoto.com.

Jack’s three presentation titles are:

“Use Depth and Perspective to Create Emotion in Your Images”
Depth and perspective involves the dimension of objects and the special relationship between them.  On computer screens and in prints we are viewing images at 2-dimensional representation in a 3-dimensional world. We’ll discuss how to make our images look more 3-dimensional by adding a sense of depth and using perspective to create highly emotional images.  Perspective controls where our eyes focus when we view images and has a strong influence on how our images become impactful as well.  Being consciously aware of this and using good control of the photographers perspective and depth when making photographs makes one’s work stand out from another.

“Becoming an Artist, Not Just a Photographer”
This talk covers topics sometimes not usually thought about such as:

  2. Developing a “sense of Place to allow the Place to inspire your images”
  3. Time Management when it comes to Artistic Photography
  4. It’s not the equipment
  5. Creativity and Simplification
  6. Our need to create
  7. Social Media… The Good, Bad, and Ugly
  8. Why do I ( we) have the  need to create?
  9. After the Image… Now What?

“Purpose Driven Travel”
From all points in the United States to Iceland, Norway, Japan and Greenland we’ll discuss photographing with a purpose, not just being a tourist. Inspiration images from all locations will be presented. Topics such as planning, logistics and more will be covered. We’ll discuss how to best tell your story of your trip through photography. This is a multi-themed presentation of images as well as information.



SENSOR CLEANING: Bring your digital camera bodies to our meetings for specially priced sensor cleanings by Advance Camera.  They will professionally clean your sensor, clean the outside of your camera body, and upgrade your firmware if needed while you enjoy the speaker.  Cost is $35 for crop sensors and $45 for full frame units.   A lens mounted to the camera is included in the cleaning.  If you have additional lenses you wish to have externally cleaned, the cost is $15 each.

Please Note: If bringing in your camera for sensor cleaning, please be sure it has a fully charged battery or we won’t be able to clean it.

All Nature Photographers are Welcome

Pre-registration cost is $10
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Registration at the door is $15

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Fall 2017 Winning Images

The winning images from our Fall meeting on November 4, 2017 have been uploaded to a gallery here.  Please take a few minutes to review these beautiful images.

Here are the 1st Place and People’s Choice winners from our last competition.  Visit our GALLERIES to see images from previous competitions.



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