Fall 2014 Meeting Summary

Approximately 325 people attended the  November 1st meeting at Chemeketa Community College in Salem, OR.   George Lepp shared his passion for natural beauty coupled with cutting-edge technology with presentations on extended depth of field, time-lapse, video, and cinemagraph photography.  If you’d like a copy of his notes visit his website and click on the contact form to request the notes.  www.geolepp.com.

About camera 77 sensors were cleaned by Advanced Camera, Canon sold over 20 Pixma Pro 10 printers, Gura Gear, Shutterbug, and Focal Point sold lots of photography equipment and accessories, and of course we ate and drank our way through dozens of tasty donuts, fruit, and coffee.

The next meeting of the NPPNW will be on April 4, 2015 in the Portland area.  Details on exact location and the speaker will be posted here as soon as we finalize them.

Here are the 1st Place and People’s Choice winners from our last competition.  Visit our GALLERIES to see images from previous competitions.


Nature Photography at its Best