Spring 2024 – Our 46th Meeting

The spring meeting of NPPNW will be April 6 at Clark College in Vancouver, WA. in Hanna Hall.  (click for directions) The doors will open at 8:30 a.m. and the program will begin at 10 a.m.

The invited speaker will be Heidi Walker. Heidi’s morning presentation is titled “Getting Personal: How to find your personal photography project and why you should”, and her afternoon presentation will be “The Intimate Forest: Exploring my love of the PNW forests through photography”.

Heidi’s bio: Hi. I’m Heidi, a landscape and nature photographer based in Edmonds Washington. I’m one of the lucky people who was born in Seattle and grew up on a farm at the base of the Cascade Mountains. My mother had been a country girl growing up fishing and my father grew up in the frontiers of Alaska, so I spent much of my time as a child encouraged to explore the nature surrounding us. Our family vacations were spent in a little trailer parked in the forests and mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Along with instilling in me a  love of nature, my parents were also artists: mom painted and dad was a photographer. To keep me quiet while he photographed flowers and scenery while on vacation, he gave me a camera and taught me how to look for light. My fondest memories of my dad are those moments photographing with him. We photographed together until he died. I continue to explore and photograph our wilderness spaces and you can follow along on those adventure on my YouTube channel. My photographic work has been published in trade magazines, calendars, postcards, and a commemorative souvenir stamp for the anniversary of Mount Rainier. In February of 2024, I had a solo show of forest photography at Zeitgeist Coffee in Seattle’s Pioneer Square.

You’re invited to view some of Heidi’s work at her website, located here:  http://www.hiwalkerphoto.com/


In order to assist planners, it is important that you register as soon as possible.  Choose one of the methods below to pre-register.  Registration at the door will be available, but $5 more per person.

  1. Download, fill out, and mail in the NPPNW Registration Form  along with your payment by April 1st.  Choose Save As once the form opens.  You can fill out the form on your computer before printing.  We’re sorry we are unable to continue using the online registration method.

REGARDING EMAIL NOTICES GOING TO SPAM: Several members have complained that our emails are ending up in their spam or junk folders. To prevent this happening to you, consider creating a filter.  In Gmail, click the gear icon and select “See all settings” from the Quick settings menu.  Navigate to “Filters and Blocked Addresses” in the top menu.  Select “Create a new filter”  Add a in the “from” field.  Click create filter.  Check “Never send it to Spam” in the checkbox.  Click Create Filter.  Other email clients likely have a similar process.  It may also help if you add to your contacts in your email program.


There will be both digital and print competitions.  Please see the Competitions page for details.


Bring your digital camera bodies to our meetings for specially priced sensor cleanings by Advance Camera. They will professionally clean your sensor, clean the outside of your camera body, and upgrade your firmware if needed while you enjoy the speaker. A lens up to a 70-200mm mounted to the camera is included in the cleaning. If you have additional lenses you wish to have externally cleaned, the cost is $20 each.

Please Note: If bringing in your camera for sensor cleaning, please be sure it has a fully charged battery or we won’t be able to clean it.

If You Missed any of the Five Virtual Meetings

The fall 2022 meeting of the NPPNW was recorded and you can view the video here.

The spring 2022 meeting of the NPPNW was a virtual meeting on Zoom.  The meeting was recorded and you can view the video here.

The fall 2021 meeting of NPPNW was a virtual meeting on the Zoom platform.  The meeting was recorded and you can view the video here.

The spring 2021 meeting of the NPPNW was also a virtual meeting on Zoom.  The meeting was recorded and you can view the video here.

The 2020 fall meeting of NPPNW was our first Zoom meeting. The invited speakers were Kennan and Karen Ward. To see a video of the presentation please visit this page.

NPPNW meets on the 1st Saturday of April and November each year.

Here are the top scoring images from our last  competition.  Visit our Galleries to see images from previous competitions.

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