Ratified by the membership, April 5, 2003


Article I Mission Statement

The primary purpose of the NPPNW is to share information about nature and wildlife photography and thereby to promote the growth and development of its members.

Article II Meetings

The NPPNW will meet biannually, the first Saturday in April and the first Saturday in November. The meeting sites will rotate within the Pacific Northwest.

Article III Membership

Membership will automatically be conferred upon any nature photographer that attends a meeting of the NPPNW or any nature photographer that requests to be placed on the NPPNW mailing list.

Article IV Dues

At each meeting there will be a registration/membership donation. This will serve in lieu of dues.

Article V Officers

There will be three officers (President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer) who will serve two-year terms. The term of office will begin and end with even numbered years.

Article VI President

The president shall preside at meetings. The president in consultation with the other officers shall recruit sponsors and guest speakers for the meetings and select meeting sites. In addition, the president will prepare announcement/registration mailings for distribution approximately four weeks before each meeting.

Article VII Vice President

The vice president shall preside at meetings in the event that the president is unavailable. The vice president will be in charge of the photographic competitions at NPPNW meetings.

Article VIII Secretary/Treasurer

The secretary/treasurer will receive members’ registrations and will manage NPPNW funds. Prior to each meeting, the secretary/treasurer will prepare a financial statement.

Article IX Nomination and Election of Officers

Nominations for officers will be solicited at the first meeting in odd numbered years with the election occurring at the following meeting.

Article X Committees

The president in consultation with the other officers will appoint members to serve on committees deemed necessary to conduct NPPNW‘s meetings (e.g., local arrangements, hospitality, etc).

Article XI Changing the Bylaws

Additions, deletions or amendments to the BYLAWs of the NPPNW may be proposed at any meeting and voted on at the following meeting. Proposed changes will require the support of sixty percent of the members in attendance at the meeting to be adopted.

Article XII Disbandment

In the event that the members elect to disband the NPPNW, the remaining funds from the registration/membership fees will be donated to the Nature Conservancy.

Some winning images from past competitions

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