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Members are allowed to submit TWO digital images.  (You may not submit the same image in both print and digital.) The competitions are for our enjoyment only and are a way for NPPNW members to show off some of their photography.  There are no prizes, but top scoring images will be displayed on the NPPNW website.

Here are the guidelines.  For information on how your images will be judged, see the Judging Guidelines page.


ATTENDANCE – you must be registered to attend in order to submit images for competition.  Images will not be displayed on our website if the maker has not registered.

LIMITED HAND OF MAN – We will again use a “limited hand of man” rule.  Any people or man made objects in the entry should not be a major or significant portion of the image.


Midnight – Saturday, October 26, 2019

Send a maximum of two digital files as email attachments to:

Include text in your email message that gives the Category and Title of your images.  No watermarks (names or logos) on the images will be allowed.   All images for the competition must be received by the deadline above.

Receipt:  Once your images are received, a confirmation of receipt will be sent for every submitted image. If you do not receive a confirmation email by the deadline for submissions, please contact us at


Files must be jpegs.  Please size your images to 1920 px on the long side at 300 dpi.


The file names for submitted images must be in the following format: Category – Image Title by FirstName LastName.jpg

  • Here is an example:
    Scenic – Sunrise Over the Rockies by John Doe.jpg

Please follow these file naming guidelines:

  1. Use spaces to separate each word and use proper capitalization. DO NOT use ALL CAPS and no_underscores.
  2. Your images can be divided amongst the following categories: Plant Life — Scenic — Wildlife
  3. It is your responsibility to be sure your image file is labeled for the proper category.  We will not take responsibility for photos that are submitted to the wrong category.


File names will later become the Titles when we upload the winning images to the NPPNW web site.  Your help in following these guidelines is greatly appreciated by the person who readies your images for projection and for uploading to the website afterwards.  It will also expedite the process of posting the winning images on the NPPNW website within a few weeks after the meeting.  Please do your best to make the job easier!


In addition, members are also encouraged to bring up to TWO prints to the meeting.  The print registration desk will  open at 8:30 a.m. on the day of the meeting.   No prints will be accepted after 9:45 a.m.


The prints may be matted but not framed.  Due to space limitations we must limit the height + width dimensions (including mat) to no more than 40 inches. i.e. a 16 x 24 inch print would total 40 inches.  The categories for the print competitions are the same as those for the projected images:  Plant Life, Scenic, and Wildlife.   No watermarks (names or logos) on the images will be allowed. Failure to follow these guidelines will disqualify your print.


The back of your print must include the image title, your full name and your phone number.


Print makers must pick up their prints before leaving the meeting.  (Please do not remove prints until the winning prints have been announced and shown in the auditorium.)

Makers of winning images are asked to submit digital copies of their images within one week after the competition for display on the web site.  Your file should be 1440 px on the long side and 300 dpi.   Do not watermark your images.  Send digital copies of your print images to:  Please note that this is a different email address than the digital submission email above.

Some winning images from past competitions

Nature Photography at its Best