FALL 2009


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Digital Competition

Plant Life




SCENICS  22 entries
1st Place Marie Browning “First Dusting”
2nd Place  Daniel Healy “Cannon Beach “
3rd Place  Andy Lee “Gardiner River”
4th Place  Bill Butler “Grasslands Drama”
Hon. Mention  Dennis Kirkland “Tongass Fog”
Hon. Mention  Bob Petit “Wave Curl”
WILDLIFE 31 entries
1st Place  Bruce Miller “Broadtailed Hummingbird”
2nd Place  Daniel Rice “Duckling”
3rd Place  Sandy Pokorny  “Mom and Baby Elephant”
4th Place  Sandy Pokorny “Gorilla”
Hon. Mention  Bruce Miller “Saint Andrews Bay”
Hon. Mention  Shawn Olesen  “Northwest Elk”
PLANT LIFE 16 entries
1st Place  Michael Strubel  “Romneya Coulteri”
2nd Place  Pat Starr  “Yellow Wildflower”
3rd Place  Eddie Greenly “Fall Four”
4th Place  Gary Sandwick “Wet Red Tulip”
Hon. Mention  Harold Marx “Bursting Out”
Hon. Mention  Bob O’Connell “Pink Daisy”

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