2020 was the year of the Covid19 Pandemic and we were unable to hold in person meetings.  The April meeting was canceled completely and there was no time to consider putting together a Zoom meeting, but by November we knew this was going to be an ongoing problem and we had the time to learn the how to move our meeting to a virtual platform.

The invited speakers were Kennan and Karen Ward.  Kennan is a photographer, videographer and adventurer-naturalist who has written several books about wilderness and wildlife. His work has been featured in many national and international magazines including Audubon, National Geographic, and Outdoor Photographer. Karen’s eye for beauty and her love of the animals being photographed are tangible in her images. Together in the field, they have photographed their way across several continents, many countries, and hundreds of national parks and protected wilderness areas. The Wards hope that by educating people about the joy and beauty of nature they can help to protect it.

Treat yourself to some of the Wards’ images at their website located here:

Here’s the recorded video of our first attempt at a video meeting. We had a couple glitches at the beginning, which have been edited out, but we learned from them and hope to do better for the next meeting on April 3.  Thank you Kennan and Karen Ward, for a great presentation.

To view the top scoring images, see our Fall 2020 gallery.

YouTube videos have their limitations.  Full screen on a large monitor may be grainy.  We suggest a smaller monitor or a tablet for a better experience.

Nature Photography at its Best

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