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Digital Competition

Plant Life




We would also like to congratulate the Print and “People’s Choice” winners for our Spring 2009 meeting.

SCENICS 15 entries
1st Place Bill Butler “The Wave”
2nd Place Harold Marx “Fall Forest”
3rd Place  Bob O’Connell  “Antarctic Peninsula”
Hon. Mention  Neal Thompson  “Crater Sunrise”
WILDLIFE 34 entries
1st Place  Craig Markham  “Red-tailed Hawk”
2nd Place  Bruce Miller  “Fast Food”
3rd Place  Bob O’Connell  “Penguin”
4th Place  David Roy  “Great Horned Owl”
Hon. Mention  Sandra Hirsch  “Eagle”
Hon. Mention  Cindy Winder  “Squirrel Leaf”
 PLANT LIFE 10 entries
1st Place  Jack Larson   “Foggy Morning”
2nd Place  Jack Larson  “Leaf with Flowers”
3rd Place  Don Lown  “Maidenhair Fern”
4th Place  Harold Marx  “Burnt Tips”
Hon. Mention  Don Lown  “Sword Fern”
PEOPLE’S CHOICE 59 entries
1st Place  Bruce Miller  “Fast Food”
2nd Place  Tom Silver  “American Kestrel”
3rd Place  Neal Thompson “Crater Sunrise”
4th Place  Bruce Miller  “Eroding Iceberg”

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