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FALL 2006


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These images are copyright by their respective photographers.  All rights reserved worldwide.  No form of reproduction, including copying or saving of digital image files,  or the alteration or manipulation of said image files is permitted.

Digital Competition

Plant Life



Print Competition

1st Place  Sandy Pokorny Dolomites
2nd Place  David Simmerman Morning Glory
3rd Place  Thomas DeVange Desert Rainbow
4th Place  Justin Lee Lost Lake Sunset
Hon. Mention  Hal Muhrlein A Foggy Bay
Hon. Mention  Bob Petit Moods of Mt Rainier
1st Place  Julie Bennett Fall Colors
2nd Place  Dan Logan Dragonfly
3rd Place  Jeff Miller Range Flower
4th Place  Brian Page Hibiscus Flower
Hon. Mention  Daniel Rice Red Dahlia
Hon. Mention  Jerry Dye  Flower and Lichen
1st Place  David Schoen  Body Piercing
2nd Place  Jim Seiber  Frog Angle
3rd Place  Bruce Sanford  Owlets
4th Place  Bruce Sanford  Freedom
Hon. Mention  Larry Rosenkoetter  Keep Your Distance
Hon. Mention  Bob Petit  Elusive Timber Wolf

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