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Digital Competition

Plant Life



Print Competition


SCENICS 31 entries
1st Place Byron Cox “Ecola Sunset”
2nd Place  Bill Byron  “Misty Trees”
3rd Place  Bill Butler  “Death Valley Near Mule Canyon”
4th Place  Tom Adams  “Sunset at 3 Arches Rocks”
Hon. Mention  Sandy Pokorny  “Iceberg”
Hon. Mention  Dan Hill  “Foxtail Pine”
WILDLIFE 35 entries
1st Place  Bruce Miller  “Polar Bear Sow with Cubs”
2nd Place  Shawn Olesen  “Shaking Lion”
3rd Place  Hal Muhrlein  “Leopard in Tree”
4th Place  Donna Noreen  “Looking Back”
Hon. Mention  Craig Markham  “Screech Owl”
Hon. Mention  Jan Eklor  “Hide and Seek”
PLANT LIFE 13 entries
1st Place  Don Lown  “Salsify”
2nd Place  Margie Frederick  “Napa Valley Grapes”
3rd Place  Phil Coleman  “End of Summer”
4th Place  Jack Larson  “Lily Abstract”
Hon. Mention  Harriet Muhrlein  “Lichens and Leaves”
Hon. Mention  Jack Larson  “Reflections”

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